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Jaime & Tracie

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Jaime & Tracie

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Music Therapy St. Louis offers quality board-certified music therapy services and consultation to patients, clients and families on both sides of the river of Missouri and Illinois. 


We have a hand picked team of therapists specialized in working with children and adults of varying abilities, hospice and palliative care, geriatric support, mental health/wellness, medical-related illnesses and more. Our philosophy is quality and a client-led approach, using music to aid in rehabilitation, enhancement and maintenance of cognitive, physical, social, emotional, psychological and spiritual functioning. 

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We specialize and service infants, toddlers, children, young adults, adults and elderly.

     Autism Spectrum Disorder 



     Developmental Disabilities


     Hospitalized Care     


     Intellectual Disabilities


     Mental Health

     Neuro Typica

     Palliative Care


     Special Education


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We strive to be consistent community partners in the St. Louis metro area, St. Clair and surrounding counties of Illinois, bridging both sides of the river. We are a resource of information for music therapy services including educational outreach, music therapy consulting, program development and advocacy. Music Therapy St. Louis supports educational growth by offering supervision to music therapy students in AMTA accredited programs. 


Music therapy is the clinical and evidenced-based use of music interventions to develop and enhance cognitive, social, emotional, physical and communication skills. ​




“I simply want to compliment you [Jaime] on what you do and tell you that you do it very well. I know that [client]'s music session is probably the highlight of his week. He gets so excited when he knows he is going. And his excitement continues once he is there. I want to compliment and encourage you to keep up the good work. For you truly are making a difference in this world by bettering the lives of some of those who need it most.” 




"I will be honest. My first thought of having music therapy was not really good. But when Tracie came for the first time, I saw how much both my parents thoroughly enjoyed it, especially my Dad. My dad has been the song leader at our church so he has always loved music and singing. My Mom has greatly benefitted from it as well, even since my Dad has passed. Tracie has found a talent of my Mom's that has been hidden all these years. So yes, music therapy is awesome and I would encourage anyone who has a loved one in hospice to take every advantage of it."



"We can't thank you enough of the tremendous program you provide our employees. Your enthusiasm and talent radiate throughout each and every session. Our employees live a more dignified and enjoyable life because of your dedication."
"Thank you SO much for all the wonderful work you do with kids, especially [client]. He really enjoyed this [group session]! You are a great teacher and have so much patience. Hope to see you in the next session!" 


"Thank you so much for this. This is AMAZING! Wow! [Client] is so proud of himself. Thank you for giving him the confidence to do this. We are so grateful to you!!"

Thank you so much for sharing this with me. It brought tears to my eyes (a good thing!) as I thought about that amazing night for [client] and everyone else involved. I feel so blessed that you all came into our lives. Thank you!


"As always, thank you SO much for leading another successful session of music therapy [sessions]! You are a rockstar with the participants and an absolute pleasure to work with. Looking forward to this fall!!!"


“Jaime is a fantastic musician who demonstrates a love of music in her sessions. She had demonstrated a focus on presence with the patients in sessions that she has led. She has demonstrated great leadership with all ages of patients and is flexible during sessions and quick thinking – able to adapt songs and interventions on the fly.”


“It was such fun spending the past 3 days with you and you did a magnificent job! Thanks for you skill, focus, diplomacy, thoughtfulness. I could go on.”



“I first witnessed Tracie’s work at a Pioneer Coalition meeting that was teaching the audience person centered care practices in long term care. After that meeting, I knew I had to have Tracie bring her work to our community. Tracie and her team of music therapists have been with residents and their families at the most vulnerable times of their lives. They have helped relieve anxiety in residents living with dementia, pain in residents that are recovering from surgery and those at end of life. I remember a particular instance with a person that was living with dementia and was recovering from a recent hip surgery. The nurses knew it may be a challenge to remove the staples. We asked the music therapist to provide distraction during this procedure and the resident didn’t even notice the staples being removed. This is a great example of being able to do a procedure that many others would feel required medication to calm the person. 

We have been amazed at the results music therapy has had on our residents!”




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