Meet the Team



Owner, Lead Music Therapist, Director of Clinical Services & Development


Hospice, geriatric, palliative care, neurologic rehabilitation + pediatric medical/hospital


At a very young age, Tracie found herself sitting on a stack of books and magazines just high enough to reach the piano keys. She grew up in a musical family, actively singing and playing music in her home church, and singing at the nursing home where her grandmother lived. It is without a doubt that Tracie knew and valued the power of music. After a chance meeting and introduction to the field of music therapy, Tracie never looked back. Tracie finished her coursework, followed by completing a clinical internship at St. Luke's Hospital (Adult Rehab) and BJC Hospice. She graduated from Maryville University with a bachelor's of science degree in music therapy in 2008.

After her internship, Tracie was hired on with BJC Hospice in Farmington, MO (2007-2009) where she brought music therapy to patients who were diagnosed with a terminal illness. In many cases, patients were seen in the home or long-term care facilities. In seeing hospice patients, Tracie was able to provide tailored music therapy interventions and work closely with an interdisciplinary team, which has helped groom her formal approach to providing quality services. Tracie believes that even in an unfortunate situation like impending illness, music at its finest, can not only bring physiological and psychological comfort to the patient, but to the family as well.

In November 2009, Tracie received the offer to help jumpstart a program called Kids Rock Cancer, a non-profit organization affiliated with Maryville University, whose mission is to help children and families facing the challenges of cancer and/or blood disorders through the process of therapeutic songwriting. As the senior music therapist, Tracie actively sees patients, supervises an additional KRC music therapist, supervises practicum and internship students, and enjoys program development. Tracie continues to be inspired by these participants and families, and ultimately encourages each and every participant to write their own story because she believes everyone has a song to sing.

Also in 2009, Tracie started her own private contracting music therapy company called Through Melody. Her company provided board certified music therapy services specializing in adult, geriatric, palliative, and end-of-life care, specifically in Southern IL. Since the rapid growth and need for services on both sides of the river, Through Melody merged with Music Therapy St. Louis, where Tracie stands as co-owner and Director of Therapeutic Services. Along with an amazing team of music therapists, Tracie aspires to continue educating and advocating about the many benefits of music therapy and other expressive therapies. In addition to dementia and hospice care, Music Therapy St. Louis will provide services to people of all ages with all types of healthcare needs ranging from cancer, children and adults with disabilities, mental health/illness, grief and loss support and overall wellness.

Aside from music therapy, Tracie graduated from Lindenwood University's graduate program and holds a Master of Professional Counseling. Not only did this fuel her passion for mental illness support, but directed her on the “always learning” path with hopes to not only grow as a person and music therapist, but also to help make creative therapies more accessible to people in the community and advocate for the importance and awareness of mental health.



Owner, Lead Music Therapist, Director of Clinical Services & Supervision



Children, individuals of all abilities, neurologic rehabilitation + pediatric medical/hospital


Jaime has been a professional performing musician in the St. Louis area for 15 years. After a 10-year career in marketing she decided to take a leap of faith and switch professions to follow her passion using music to service others. Six years later, she was a practicing board certified music therapist and attained a Master of Music Therapy at Maryville University

With a variety of clinical placement from Special School District, St. Louis Psychiatric and Rehabilitation to St. Louis Arc, in 2016, she found herself leading the St. Louis Arc, Lafayette Industries and other music therapy programming. These populations range from toddler to geriatric populations. She leads integrated classroom group music therapy at Childgarden as well as the children, teen, adult and geriatric groups at St. Louis Arc and Rainbow Village and the employee program at Lafayette Industries. By 2018, she has led two (2017, 2018, 2019) Creative Music Making performances collaborating with the St. Louis Symphony and Maryville University. 

At Music Therapy St. Louis, she directs and supervises undergraduate, graduate student in clinical practica or internship. She also leads the programming at Lafayette Industries, where there is an active student population, and is also on their Expert Advisory Panel for new programming and development. She also spends a lot of her time taking on private clients assessing and session planning in a 1:1 setting customized to that individual.  

In 2017, Jaime was overjoyed to be part of the Kids Rock Cancer team. When she first heard of the

Kids Rock Cancer, in 2014, she immediately got involved. With her event experience, she volunteered at events, assisted in program efforts and joined the Club Rock Committee. Jaime identified with the program on a personal and professional level in such a way that it aligned with her life goals and dream career. All the pieces of the puzzle came together after a 6-year journey when she was offered the music therapist position at Kids Rock Cancer. Writing her first song at the age of 16, Jaime found an innate passion with therapeutic songwriting and advocates its evidence-based results. The opportunity with Kids Rock Cancer could not be a more perfect fit. When asked about her new position, she says, “I am humbled and incredibly honored to be part of such an outstanding team and community effort through Kids Rock Cancer.”

Jaime and Tracie recently presented at the Integrated Creative Arts Therapy Conference (June 2018) where Jaime shared her master thesis containing over 13 months of mixed methods research discussing understanding lyrical analysis in pediatric oncology. She is currently working on publishing her work in the industry's leading qualitative clinical journal. More to come!

While Jaime manages and oversees the student clinical programs through Music Therapy St. Louis, she will also be taking on an adjunct faculty role, teaching at Maryville University Spring 2019. 

Jaime says, “If you love what you do, it shows and if it feels right, go with it.” She is passionate and driven to work in this field. After the career change and nearly a decade of perseverance she says it was worth every minute. 


Senior Music Therapist & Supervisor



Abilities, children, hospice, geriatric + palliative care


Kimber’s introduction into music began at an early age through her grandmother, who has spent her entire career as a music teacher, and began piano lessons with Kimber at age 6. Music remained a focal point through her life through involvement in church choir, concert band and piano. While pursuing a Music Business degree from Elmhurst College she quickly realized her calling was to help others. This is when Kimber was introduced to Music Therapy. Kimber ultimately received a BA in both Music and Psychology from Elmhurst College in 2011 before attending Illinois State University and receiving a Master’s of Music in Music Therapy in 2014.

Following her internship at Four Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care in Flat Rock, NC, Kimber began her career as a certified Music Therapist in Atlanta, GA where she gained experience working within the Atlanta Public Schools, as well as with VITAS Healthcare. These positions allowed Kimber to provide services to varying clientele, including children with developmental and intellectual disabilities, as well as with individuals presenting progressive and terminal diagnoses.


Kimber loves creating relationships with her clients through music and is passionate about advocating for the importance of Music Therapy. She is thrilled to be part of the MTSTL team, and excited for the new opportunities that await in her future.



Senior Board Certified Music Therapist


Children, hospital, eating disorders, trauma, neurologic rehabilitation + abilities

Ashley began singing when she was 18 months old, applauding herself at the end of each fantastic nursery rhyme. After enough sold out performances at the fireplace "stage," Ashley realized she wanted to pursue a career in music. After a year of studying vocal performance in college, Ashley craved a more engaging and rewarding profession. She discovered a perfect fit for utilizing her passion for music and helping people:

music therapy. She transferred to Maryville University, co-founded the a cappella group Notorious, and graduated with her bachelor's degree in music therapy

What drew Ashley to music therapy was knowing how music could change her own emotions, and express herself in an unmatchable way. 


No matter where she’s worked, Ashley’s favorite aspect of music therapy is helping clients express themselves. Ashley interned at St. Louis Children's Hospital, Special School District St. Louis, and Kids Rock Cancer. As a board-certified music therapist, Ashley helped groups and individuals at eating disorder treatment centers, pediatric hospitals, and safe houses (through the Angel Band Project). 



Hungry to learn more about her underlying love for music (how music affects emotions, wellbeing, and behaviors), in 2017, Ashley packed her bags and moved to England to study her master's in Psychology of Music at the University of Sheffield. Here, she conducted research to understand how music with lyrics, self-selected music, and emotion trajectory (going from one emotion to another) affect a listener's emotions. She is currently working on getting this research published. Ashley is looking forward to working with MTSTL to help kids and adults of all abilities find their voices



Board Certified Music Therapist


Hospice, children, individuals of all abilities, geriatric + palliative care


Amanda was born into a musical family. Her great grandfather, John Wick and his brothers Louis and Adolph were the founders of Wicks Organ Company in 1905. Growing up, Amanda  learned a variety of instruments, but her primary focus was on the piano. Despite her love of piano, Amanda feels a special connection with the human voice while singing.

Amanda attended Highland High School and was part of a variety of music groups and activities including musicals, jazz choir, acapella choir, Madrigal choir, Madrigal dinners, concert band, marching band, solo and ensemble, and more. Amanda decided to attend Xavier University in 2013 to pursue a degree in Music Education but realized that this wasn’t the profession that would bring her fulfillment. She realized she found joy in helping others find fulfillment in their lives. 

This realization led her to transfer to ISU to pursue music therapy.

After leaving ISU in May 2017, Amanda pursued an internship with Big Bend Hospice in Tallahassee, FL. During this internship, Amanda cared for 20-25 patients on hospice care. Amanda worked with a variety of patients with progressive, terminal diagnoses including:  COPD, Senile degeneration of the Brain (Dementia), cancer (including breast cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, and more), Parkinson’s disease, and more. 

Amanda returned home to Highland, IL and became a board certified Music Therapist in July of 2018. She is excited for the opportunities that await her with Music Therapy STL. 


Buddy's love of music began when he was given a small keyboard at the age of 5. He took piano lessons until eventually discovering the electric guitar, which became his new love. Buddy attended the Los Angeles Music Academy guitar program and graduated in 2009. Upon returning to St. Louis he would perform all over the greater St. Louis area and began teaching kids and adults at the School of Rock in Kirkwood, MO. 


Music therapy was always a clinical profession that interested Buddy. After taking a few jobs in the helping field he decided to take the plunge and return to school to get his Music Therapy degree from Maryville University. Throughout the program he has experienced different populations including individuals of different abilities, children who have experienced urban trauma, assisted living, and hospice.


Buddy is set to graduate the Maryville Music Therapy program this year and is thrilled to complete his internship with MTSTL!