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We work with ALL ages of ALL abilities in group and private 1:1 settings. Groups settings range from non-profit agencies, to employee programming, coordinating and leading events like Creative Music Making.

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We work with children of all ages on goals using music therapy in private 1:1 and group settings. Facilities range from early childhood centers to the privacy of your living room.

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We work within both private 1:1 sessions and group settings as well as specialize in memory care. Group settings range from communities to abilities with non-profit agencies. For more information, click here.

Hospice + Palliative

When working in hospice and palliative care, we focus on specialized support to meet the needs and comfort of clients and family in the home and/or long-term care communities. 

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We work with leading hospitals and medical support centers to bring The Song Society to children and families. Both Tracie and Jaime are trained in NMT (Neurologic Music Therapy) and TIP (trauma informed practice) and use these specific skills when working with individuals with TBI, other neuro conditions and trauma. We welcome prescriptions from neurologists. MTSTL also conducted a pilot study providing music therapy in Washington University's Botox Clinic for children. In addition to Botox, MTSTL coordinates, collaborates and leads BeatNF children groups at Jazz St. Louis.

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